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Front Range Radio is proud to support the following organizations.  Click on the respective logos to be taken to their websites.


ION Indie Magazine is a global initiative of journalists, photojournalists, and industry professionals that donate their time and talent to promote independent music of all genres. Our publication partners with broadcasters and others to raise awareness for the independent movement; both through the written word and broadcast.
Music publication covering all types of music and artists from all over the world. Specializing in Rock and Blues


Tall City Blues Fest
The Best Blues Fest in Texas


Sisters In Music

Empowering women in the music and entertainment industry. Giving a voice to their dreams and giving back to those in need through a collective community of resources





Front Range Radio is indie Music


The station was founded by Tim Board in October 2021 as an expansion of the radio show.  I am also fortunate enough to be a writer for ION Indie Magazine.  You can read many of my interviews that have been published in the magazine by clicking on the blog tab.  


To contact me or learn about music submission, please go to the contact tab.


Most importantly, please support indie music.  If you hear a song you like please find the artist on social media and give them a like and follow.  


You can support Front Range Radio by purchasing merchandise from the Front Range Radio store click on the image below to be taken to the store.